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If you need a metal building storage solution, we offer a wide variety of metal buildings to meet your specific needs. Our experts will walk you through all of our building types, components, and accessories available to successfully complete your metal building project. We are here to help!

Through the years, STEEL BUILDINGS have been utilized for everything from barns to commercial businesses. The strength, flexibility, and durability of steel make it ideal for your building project.

Some of the advantages of steel buildings include:
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  • Engineering to meet specific wind and snow load requirements.
  • Fire, hail, and termite resistant.
  • Up to a 30 year limited paint warranty.
  • Durable 26 gauge sheets.
  • Vast spans (up to 150 ft.) with no interior columns.
  • Flexible size parameters.

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Anyone can make a list of all the “advantages” of working with a particular company… but to truly understand the Burney Advantage, you’ll need to experience it for yourself!
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  • We come to you! – We handle construction projects all over the state of Texas. We are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.
  • Burney Construction Will Meet Your Needs – We value what is important to you and stand strong in our commitment to provide you with a building solution designed to meet your needs.
  • Expert Engineering Services – Our engineering team utilizes the latest software and equipment to develop the blueprints of your new building, ensuring the crucial step of complying with the latest engineering standards.
  • Unrivaled Manufacturing – Burney Construction, Inc. is a complete metal building systems coordinator. Our facilities bring you the latest in fabricating equipment, operated by professionals committed to producing value for you.